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T2M Cellular Multi-LEO Satellite Link Emulator

Multi-LEO Satellite Link Emulator

Description and Features

In the rapidly evolving landscape of satellite communications, the demand for robust and reliable links to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites is on the rise. To address the complexities of such links and ensure optimal performance, the need for sophisticated channel emulators has become paramount. Introducing a cutting-edge Multi-LEO Satellite Link Emulator – a revolutionary solution designed to replicate real-world conditions and facilitate comprehensive testing and optimization of satellite communication systems for Non-Terrestrial Network product developers or satellite network operators. Simulating regenerative mode for LEO satellite networks, customers can take advantage of provided test scenarios or develop their own. This channel Emulator is licensed as Software only solution. 


  • Multi-LEO Simulation

  • Dynamic Channel Modelling

  • Flexible Configuration

  • Scalability

LEO Features

  • Realistic temporal simulation of signal with variable satellite propagation delay, 1.92msps testing shows 1.2ms to 25ms delay supported (LEO 600km overhead = 2ms).

  • Doppler frequency adjustment -15KHz to +15KHz confirmed at NB-IoT L1, corresponding tested with satellite trajectories tested.

  • Realistic UL/DL equations, eg- delay and Doppler aren't symmetric due to differing velocities of ground location and satellite.

  • Test start message received from network including SDR parameters and satellite TLE ephemeris.

  • Test plan table prepared in advance of test at specified resolution.

  • Polynomial equations yield smoothed data for dB impairments, Doppler frequency adjustments and modified IQ samples.

  • Console statistics, eg- max IQ for equipment signal gain, CPU utilization, propagation delay and Doppler.


  • Accelerated Development Cycles

  • Improved Reliability

  • Cost Savings

  • Enhanced Performance Optimization

  • Future proofing