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Semiconductor IP Cores

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T2M offers a comprehensive range of Silicon Proven & System Level Semiconductor IP Cores for licensing. These Semiconductor Solution IP Cores encompass system-level offerings that combine pre-integrated Analog, Physical (Phy), RF transceivers, Digital Controllers, Interfaces, and Software components. The goal is to accelerate product design processes across key technology segments.

These System Level Semiconductor IP Cores T2M cover a wide array of applications, including Audio, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, ZigBee,Cellular (NB-IOT, NTN, 4G, 5G), Space-IoT, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Demodulators and Modulators for Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) / Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (ISDB) / Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB), Video Decoders and Encoders.

T2M also offers a comprehensive range of complimentary interfaces such as USB, MIPI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and Ethernet Analog Phys & Controllers. These Semiconductor IP Cores also include pre-integrated Physical layers and Controllers to facilitate the development of various electronic products and systems. Some of these Semiconductor IP Cores are extracted from production chips and supplied as “White Box” Data Base Source Code with rights to modify and Royalty Free.

Our semiconductor IP core portfolio is designed to accelerate customer development in various sectors such as IoT (Internet of Things), Wearables, Bluetooth (BT) Audio, Cellular, Automotive, Set-Top Boxes (STB), Televisions (TV) , Remote Control Units (RCU), Smart Lighting, Smart Home devices… By offering these silicon-proven Semiconductor IP Cores and Software solutions, T2M provides customers with all the necessary building blocks to streamline the design and development of products in key technology domains, enabling faster time-to-market and enhanced product innovation. With global offices and a highly experienced team T2M provides local support accelerating product development and time to market.

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