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T2M WiFi 802.15.4g + 802.11ah RF Transceiver IP

802.15.4g + 802.11ah RF Transceiver IP

Description and Features

This IP is fully integrated dual-band transceiver IP for 802.15.4g and 802.11ah applications. It is optimized to deliver superior performance for Smart Utility Network (SUN) applications. It includes dual band receiver, dual band transmitter, Frac-N frequency synthesizer and LO-chain, and all the supporting blocks such as bias and SPI. The zero-IF receive path (RX) has very high dynamic. A zero-IF TX generates low EVM signals to drive the external power amplifier. A fully integrated Frac-N frequency synthesizer generates, and the LO chain generates required low-phase-noise LO signals for TX and RX mixer.


  • Fully integrated transceiver

  • Process: SMIC130nm RF CMOS

  • Fully compliant with IEEE 802.15.4g and 11ah standards

  • Dual band, Sub-GHz and 2.4GHz

  • RX has great dynamic range

  • Low phase-noise fractional-N frequency synthesizer

  • Very low power consumption

  • Direct-conversion receiver architecture

  • Very low EVM transmitter

  • Very small die area

  • Single supply of 3.3V

  • Integrated LDOs


  • Smart Utility Network (SUN)
  • 802.15.4g application
  • Smart city
  • Connected home