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T2M WiFi Wi-Fi 6 (ax)+BLEv5.4+15.4 Dual Band RF IP for High-End Applications.

Wi-Fi 6 (ax)+BLEv5.4+15.4 Dual Band RF IP for High-End Applications.

Description and Features

The WiFi 6(ax)+BLEv5.4+15.4 RF transceiver IP in 2.4Ghz / 5GHz (Dual-band) is specially made for high-end applications, this concurrent system provides high performance and delivers exceptional performance and adaptability in dual-band wireless communication.

It has Integrated linear PA, Rx/Tx switches, analog channel filters with switchable bandwidth, and a crystal oscillator for an RF reference clock also reduced bias current with reduced output power, allowing optimized bias conditions for different use cases.

This IP is designed to meet the demands of advanced applications, With the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 users can experience rapid data transfer rates, minimized latency, ideal for bandwidth-intensive tasks, and optimized network efficiency in high-end applications.


  • Dual-band transceiver IP supporting IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

  • Full concurrent dual band operation.

  • Supply current (high band or low band, 1x1 mode, typical)

  • Bandwidth Support: 20/40/80 (high band) MHz channel 

  • Support 1024 QAM

  • Supported frequency bands:

    • 2.412 GHz – 2.484 GHz (low band, LB)

    • 4.915 GHz – 5.925 GHz (high band, HB)

  • Easy-to-use calibration routines and simple interface to digital baseband

  • Fractional-N synthesizers with fine tuning resolution and integrated loop filters

  • Clock PLL generating clocks for ADCs/DACs and digital baseband.

  • General-purpose ADC for measurement and calibration

  • RF reference oscillator

  • Easily scalable to other MIMO configurations


  • VR, Augmented Reality (AR) and  Video Streaming

  • Smart Homes, Industrial Automation and IoT Ecosystems

  • Smart Cities, Enterprise and Office Networks

  • Gaming