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T2M Memory SD4.1 UHS- II PHY IP


Description and Features

SD4.1 UHS-II IP utilizes distinctive SerDes technology to attain a speed of 312MB/s for UHS-II while maintaining low power consumption. This PHY IP is versatile, suitable for use on both the device and host sides, including SDIO. Therefore, it can be integrated into SOCs for a wide range of applications such as SD cards, digital cameras, digital videos, digital TVs, media players, and personal computers.


  • SD 4.1 compliant SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Physical Layer for Host
  • 16bit interface to Link layer
  • Supports both Full Duplex mode and Half Duplex mode
  • Wide range channel speed up to 1.56Gbps
  • Power saving mode
  • Configurable analog characteristics
  • Driver swing voltage
  • Testability:Built-in scan test
  • Area: <1mm2
  • Process: - SAMSUNG14nm 1.8V/0.8V


  • Datasheet
  • Integration guideline
  • GDSII or Phantom GDSII
  • Layer map table
  • CDL netlist for LVS
  • LEF
  • Verilog behavior model
  • Liberty timing model
  • DRC/LVS/DRC results
  • Verilog RTL or netlist of digital part