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T2M Cellular GNSS Multi-Constellation High Performance Digital IP

GNSS Multi-Constellation High Performance Digital IP

Description and Features

This GNSS Multi-constellation Digital IP supports all the constellation GPS, Global Positioning Satellite (USA), GALILEO (Europe), GLONASS, Global Navigation Satellite System (Russia), Beidou3 (China), QZSS, Quasi Zenith Satellite System (Japan), IRNSS, Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System / NAVIC (India), SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) simultaneously with Multi-frequency to achieve sub-meter level position accuracy. The GNSS IP supports Multi-band signals (L1/ L2/ L5 and S-band) signal reception simultaneously.

The GNSS IP is extracted from a 5th Gen. production chip and is scalable for applications ranging from high precision Automotive and Aviation to ultra-low power IoT and logistics applications for integration into the future chips. Designed to be suitable for high-precision applications such as vehicle management, car navigation, GIS data collection, precision agriculture, engineering survey and other fields. The massive array of wide bandwidth correlators (16k) delivers higher precision coupled with fast signal acquisition in both cold, warm, and hot start scenarios.

The GNSS IP supports 64 satellite tracking channels for higher precision measurements and multi-path mitigation and supports carrier phase output and L-band corrections for Real time positioning and Precise Point positioning, respectively. The support for high precision doppler and low jitter allows to have the right orientation with the satellite for a precise location tracking.

The GNSS IP has been tested in real-time in various simulators like Orilia in addition to the in-house simulator that is available. The cut-down version of this IP is available as the Ultra-low power GNSS IP for wearables and location-based applications.

High performance GNSS IP coupled with other wireless technologies like NB-IoT further enhances the capabilities to logistics. The IP core is highly SW configurable to support any of the legacy, modernized and potential future GNSS signals of all available constellations, concurrently or sequentially based on the need of the application.

 gnss-multi-constellation-high-performance-digital-provider-in-united states 

  • Supports all signals in L1, L2, L5 and S band frequencies from GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS, BeiDou3, QZSS, IRNSS, and SBAS constellations
  • Huge array of correlators for faster signal acquisition and high sensitivity.
  • Tracking sensitivity of -160dBm (GPS)
  • Accuracy of up to 1.5m CEP
  • Multi-tone interference mitigation and pulsed interference mitigation
  • Carrier phase output for RTK (Real-Time Kinetic) positioning
  • Supports L-band corrections for PPP (Precise Point Positioning)
  • Up to 1 Hz measurement rate
  • AMBA compliant AHB interface to the CPU
  • Supports multipath rejection for the Automotive applications
  • Battery Backed Counter to maintain GNSS Time
  • AEC-Q100 Grade3 compliant.