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T2M Cellular GNSS Software Receiver IP

GNSS Software Receiver IP

Description and Features

The Software Receiver is the next generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver covering GPS and SBAS satellite systems. The software receiver is designed to fully replace existing hardware receiver solutions by fully executing the receiver main tasks (searching, tracking and positioning) in software. The receiver is High performance, fully customizable implementation running on various DSP’s and processors. Best fit to market segments requiring low power, high performance and small size - Internet of Things (IoT)




  • Low cost
  • Software only solution
  • Flexible architecture
  • No physical footprint
  • Tradeoff power vs. performance
  • Up-gradable solution - introduce new features as they arrive
  • Flexible GNSS constellation - install ONLY what you need
  • Can Co-exist with other software on DSP (soft RT)
  • Small memory footprint and low MCPS consumption
  • Ready for sensor fusion/integration
  • Improve accuracy and enable indoor navigation