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T2M Bluetooth LC3 Codec IP for Kalimba DSP

LC3 Codec IP for Kalimba DSP

Description and Features

Bluetooth LE Audio introduces an all-new Bluetooth audio codec called LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec)., to deliver high-quality speech and audio streaming, at low data rates, lower power and lower bandwidth Bluetooth LE radio, overcoming essential shortcomings in today’s wireless communication platforms.
This LC3 Codec reference design is developed for the popular Kalimba DSP used in the premium tier single-chip solutions optimized for TWS earbuds, smart speakers, wearables, wireless headphones, Bluetooth enabled hearing aids and automotive infotainment units.
LC3 Codec IP for Kalimba DSP Block Diagam

  • LC3 Codec IP for Bluetooth LE Audio
  • Turnkey TWS Bluetooth Audio platform