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T2M Verification IPs eCPRI VIP


Description and Features

The eCPRI Verification IP validates eCPRI interfaces and is completely compatible with eCPRI Specification V2.0. It comes with a comprehensive test suite that covers the majority of potential scenarios. It executes all conceivable protocol tests in a guided or highly randomized manner, adding the opportunity to generate the greatest number of situations to successfully check the DUT. System Verilog, VMM, RVM, AVM, OVM, UVM, Verilog, System C, VERA, Specman E, and non-standard verification environments all natively support eCPRI Verification IP. The Smart Visual Protocol Debugger (Smart ViPDebug), a GUI-based debugger that speeds up debugging, is an optional component of the eCPRI Verification IP.



  • Compliant with eCPRI Specification V2.0.
  • Complete eCPRI Tx/Rx functionality.
  • Supports the eCPRI layer of the eCPRI specification.
  • Supports 5G and enables increased efficiency.
  • Supports Ethernet 10G/25G/40G/100G Ethernet Speeds
  • Supports the following message types. • IQ Data • Bit sequence • Real time control data • Generic data transfer • Remote memory access • One way Delay Measurement • Remote reset • Event Indication • IWF start-up • IWF operation • IWF mapping • IWF delay control • Vendor Specific
  • Supports Control and Management data transfer.
  • Supports data transfer through Ethernet/UDP/IP Interfaces.
  • Full support for IEEE 1588-2008 and IEEE 1588-2019
  • Supports delay management.
  • Supports 8B/10B line coding
  • Supports insertion of scrambler errors.
  • Detects and reports all the errors in Ethernet and CPRI layer
  • Glitch insertion and detection.
  • Monitors, detects and notifies the test bench of significant events such as transactions, warnings, timing and protocol violations.
  • Supports constraints Randomization.
  • Status counters for various events on bus.
  • Supports bus accurate timing and timing checks.
  • Callbacks in Master, Slave and Monitor for user processing of data.
  • eCPRI Verification IP comes with complete test suite to test every feature of eCPRI specification.
  • Functional coverage for complete eCPRI features.


  • Complete regression suite containing all the eCPRI testcases.
  • Examples showing how to connect various components, and usage of Master,Slave and Monitor.
  • Detailed documentation of all class, task and functions used in verification env.
  • Documentation contains User's Guide and Release notes