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T2M Verification IPs AMBA 5 AHB VIP


Description and Features

AMBA 5 AHB Verification IP provides a smart way to verify the AMBA 5 AHB component of a SOC or an ASIC. The AMBA 5 AHB Verification IP is fully compliant with standard AMBA 5 AHB specification. AMBA 5 AHB Verification IP is supported natively in SystemVerilog, VMM, RVM, AVM, OVM, UVM, Verilog, SystemC, VERA, Specman E and non-standard verification env AMBA 5 AHB Verification IP comes with optional Smart Visual Protocol Debugger which is GUI based debugger to speed up debugging.AMBA-5-AHB-VIP-silicon-proven-ip-supplier-in-china


  • Compliant with ARM AMBA 5 AHB specification.
  • Supports AMBA 5 AHB Master, Slave, Monitor and Checker.
  • Support for multiple Masters and slaves.
  • Supports all AMBA 5 AHB data widths and address widths.
  • Supports all protocol transfer types, burst transfers and response types.
  • Support for all the transfer sizes.
  • Supports Extended memory types
  • Support for Secure transfers
  • Support for Endianess
  • Supports Stable between clock
  • Exclusive and Locked Transfers support
  • Multi-Copy Atomicity support
  • Multiple slave select support
  • Single-copy atomicity size support
  • User signaling support
  • Supports constrained randomization of protocol attributes.
  • Slave supports fine grain control of response per address or per transaction.
  • Master supports fine grain control of busy state insertion and Master aborting.
  • Supports Early burst termination and locked transfers.
  • Continue or cancel of a transfer on error response.
  • Support for programmable wait states or delay insertion.
  • Ability to inject errors during data transfer.
  • Programmable Timeout insertion.
  • Flexibility to send completely configured data.
  • Supports FIFO memory.
  • Rich set of configuration parameters to control AMBA 5 AHB functionality.
  • On-the-fly protocol and data checking.
  • Notifies the testbench of significant events such as transactions, warnings, timing and protocol violations.
  • Built in coverage analysis.
  • Callbacks in Master, Slave and Monitor for various events.
  • Status counters for various events on bus.
  • AMBA 5 AHB Verification IP comes with complete testsuite to test every feature of AMBA 5 AHB specification


  • Complete regression suite containing all the AMBA 5 AHB testcases.
  • Examples showing how to connect various components, and usage of BFM and Monitor.
  • Detailed documentation of all class, task and function's used in verification env.
  • Documentation also contains User's Guide and Release notes