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T2M USB USB 3.2 Gen2 PHY IP in 12FFC

USB 3.2 Gen2 PHY IP in 12FFC

Description and Features

All USB 3.2 Gen2X1 host and peripheral applications are supported up to 10Gbps by the USB 3.2 Gen2X1 transceiver IP. It complies with UTMI+ and PIPE4.0 requirements. The USB 3.2 Gen2X1 IP is backward compatible with high-speed data rates of 480Mbps, full-speed data rates of 12Mbps, and low-speed data rates of 1.5Mbps and incorporates high-speed mixed signal circuits to permit Gen2 and Gen1 traffic. In order to support the USB Type-C connector, the USB 3.2 Gen2X1 IP includes an active switch to enable bi-directional plug-in and specific functionality (such as VBUS setup and USB attachment cable orientation detection) through the CC1/CC2 pins defined in the Type-C connection.

  • Worldwide smallest USB 3.2 Gen2X1 PHY IP in 12/16nm process (IP size is smaller than 0.46mm²)
  • Fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.2 Gen2X1 and 2.0 electrical specifications
  • Supports clock inputs from 25MHz crystal oscillator and external clock sources from the core
  • Supports 3-Tap FIR Equalization for TX and CTLE+1-Tap DFE for RX
  • Integrates an active switch to support the orientation-less connection with USB Type-C connector
  • Provides an auxiliary CC module IP to support USB Type-C related functions
  • Supports both wire-bond and flip-chip package type
  • Silicon Proven in TSMC 12FFC


  • Graphic Data System II Format with Layer Mapping

  • Layout Exchange Format for Placement and Routing Views

  • Liberty Format for Timing and Power Models

  • Verilog Representation of Functional Behavior

  • Netlist with Timing Annotations in SDF

  • Recommended Practices and Design Notes for Layout

  • Verification Reports for LVS and DRC Compliance