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T2M Security IPs ECDSA SIGN IP Core


Description and Features

Modern public-key cryptography is built on elliptic curves, which are essential to reliable key agreement methods and safe digital signatures.

As the prestigious Diffie-Hellman protocol. By utilizing the mathematical characteristics of elliptic curves, CryptOne shows itself as a powerful IP core designed to carry out elliptic curve cryptography operations with unmatched dependability and efficiency.

  • Supported Elliptic Curves

    • NIST SECP P-256 R1

    • NIST SECP P-384 R1

    • Koblitz SECP P-256 K1

    • Koblitz SECP P-384 K1

    • Brainpool P-256 R1

    • Brainpool P-384 R1

    • Brainpool P-512 R1

  • other/custom curves optional support

  • Optional Side Channel Attacks countermeasures

  • Input/Output EC point verification

  • Fully synthesizable, synchronous design

  • Highly configurable in terms of performance and resource consumption

  • Minimum operation delay at 200 MHz:

  • ECDSA signature generation

    • EC256: 2.6 ms

    • EC384: 5.2 ms

  • ECDSA signature verification

    • EC256: 3.1 ms

    • EC384: 6.3 ms

  • Estimated resource usage

    • from 30k to 110k NAND gate


  • Source Code:

  • VERILOG test bench environment

  • Technical documentation

  • Synthesis scripts

  • Example application

  • Technical support


  • Digital signature

  • Data integrity

  • Key derivation

  • TLS/SSH/PGP IPsec communication