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Description and Features

Our ECC IP Core is a state-of-the-art solution that gives your systems access to the capabilities of elliptic curve encryption.

Developed with performance and adaptability in mind, this IP


A number of fundamental algorithms are supported by Core, such as point multiplication, ECDSA signature creation, and ECDSA signature verification.

Our ECC IP Core's point multiplication capability makes elliptic curve operations safe and effective.

In elliptic curve cryptography, point multiplication is a basic operation that enables scalar multiplication of a point on the curve. A number of cryptographic systems, such as digital signatures, key agreement, and key creation, are based on this process.


  • Supported algorithms:

    • Point multiplication

    • ECDSA signature generation

    • ECDSA signature verification

  • Supported Elliptic Curves

  • NIST SECP P-256 R1

  • NIST SECP P-384 R1

  • Koblitz SECP P-256 K1

  • Koblitz SECP P-384 K1

  • Brainpool P-256 R1

  • Brainpool P-384 R1

  • Brainpool P-512 R1

  • other/custom curves optional support

  • Optional Side Channel Attacks countermeasures

  • Input/Output EC point verification

  • Fully synthesizable, synchronous design

  • Highly configurable in terms of performance and resource consumption

  • Minimum operation delay at 200 MHz:

    • Point multiplication:

    • ECDSA signature generation

    • ECDSA signature verification

  • Estimated resource usage


  • Source Code:

  • VERILOG test bench environment

  • Technical documentation

  • Synthesis scripts

  • Example application

  • Technical support


  • Digital signature

  • Data integrity

  • Key derivation

  • TLS/SSH/PGP IPsec communication