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T2M Security IPs CRP1A IP Core


Description and Features

We provide many configurations for our cryptographic    solutions based on the requirements of the project. When compared to competing designs, the CRP1s used up to 25% less logic cells throughout the testing while maintaining the same level of performance. Additionally, it achieves up to 50% better performance than competing designs when speed optimization is applied.


The CryptOne IP core's energy-efficient design makes it possible to use a very compact silicon footprint with fast computation. Numerous interfaces, such as AMBA AHB, AXI4, and APB, are available for it. System integration is simple and quick because to the highly intuitive interface. The core has optional DPA countermeasures and is immune to timed assaults. The universal and completely scalable


  • CryptOne programmed algorithms:

    • Constant time modular exponentiation

    • Constant time, parallel modular exponentiation CRT

    • Constant time ECDSA sign/verify

    • Constant time ECDH

    • Constant time elliptic curve point multiplication

    • No branch modular multiplicative inverse

    • No branch GCD

    • Constant time modular reduction Constant time multiplication Constant time division

  • Cryptographic algorithm applications:


    • RSA key generation

    • RSA Sign/Verify/Encrypt/Decrypt Diffie-Hellman schemes

    • Miller-Rabin Primality check

  • System applications:

    • Client-server communication Sensor networks

    • SSL/TLS stacks IoT devices

    • Embedded security/ID devices

  • AMBA AHB, AXI4, APB interface ready

  • Rapid & easy development with delivered API

  • Patent pending architecture

  • Algorithms resistant against SPA and timing attacks

    • Software support:

    • OpenSSL engine

    • MbedTLS port

    • OS independent crypto library


  • C software drivers with API

  •  Silicon proven architecture

  • Hardware code:

  • VERILOG test bench environment

  •  Technical documentation

  • Synthesis scripts

  • 12 months of free technical support included