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T2M Security IPs AES IP Core


Description and Features

AES bridge, a cryptographic coprocessor that complies with FIPS 197 Advanced Encryption Standard, employs the Rijndael encryption method to link APB, AHB, and AXI bus.

AES is a block cipher that is frequently used in security solutions, ranging from cloud servers to IoT devices. Performance and security are much improved when it is implemented in hardware as opposed to software.


  • Support for 128 and 256 key bit length

  • Support for ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR block cipher modes

  • Internal key expansion module

  • Flexible data read/write modes

  • Available system interface wrappers:

    • AMBA – APB / AHB / AXI Bus

    • Altera Avalon Bus

    • Xilinx OPB Bus


  • Source Code:

  • VERILOG test bench environment

  • Technical documentation

  • Synthesis scripts

  • Example application

  • Technical support