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T2M PCI Express CXP Device IP

CXP Device IP

Description and Features

CXP Device core is compliant with standard CXP specification as 1.1/1.1.1/2.0. Through its compatibility, it provides a simple interface to a wide range of low-cost devices. CXP Device IP is proven in FPGA environment. The host interface of the CXP can be simple interface or can be AHB, AHB-Lite, APB, AXI, AXI-Lite, Tilelink, OCP, VCI, Avalon, PLB, Wishbone or custom buses.



  • Compliant with CXP Specification 1.1/1.1.1/2.0.
  • Full CXP Device functionality.
  • Supports upto 4 connections.
  • Supports following Channels: Stream Channel, I/O Channel, Control Channel
  • Supports 8,10,12,14,16 bit depth.
  • Supports following bit rates for high speed down connection: 1.25 Gbps, 2.50 Gbps, 3.125 Gbps, 5.00 Gbps, 6.25 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 12.5 Gbps
  • Supports following bit rates for low speed up connection: 20.83 Mbps, 41.66 Mbps
  • Supports 8B/10B Encoding and 10B/8B Decoding.
  • Supports packing of all the video formats supported by the CXP v2.0 specification.
  • Supports the following color formats. • Raw • Mono • Planar_1 to Planar_15 • BayerGR, BayerRG, BayerGB, BayerBG • RGB • RGBA • YUV_411, YUV_422, YUV_444 • YCbCr_601_411, YCbCr_601_422, YCbCr_601_444 • YCbCr_709_411, YCbCr_709_422, YCbCr_709_444
  • Supports Bootstrap register set as per CXP v2.0 specification.
  • Supports packet multiplexing from different streams.
  • Supports connection test facilities to test the quality of the connection.
  • Supports Unified Time Stamping as per CXP version 2.0 specification.
  • Supports link Sharing as per CXP version 2.0 specification.
  • Supports backward compatibility for version 1.1.1 specification. • High speed up connection with maximum bit rate of 6.25 Gbps • Low speed up connection with 20.83 Mbps bit rate • HsUpConnection bootstrap register is used to indicate the HS up connection support.


  • The CXP Device interface is available in Source and netlist products.
  • The Source product is delivered in Verilog. If needed VHDL, SystemC code can also be provided.
  • Easy to use Verilog Test Environment with Verilog Testcases
  • Lint, CDC, Synthesis, Simulation Scripts with waiver files
  • IP-XACT RDL generated address map
  • Firmware code and Linux driver package
  • Documentation contains User's Guide and Release notes.