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T2M Memory DMA Controller with AHB IP

DMA Controller with AHB IP

Description and Features

DMA Controller with AHB interface is full featured, easy-to-use, synthesizable design that can be used with AHB based systems as a controller to transfer data directly from system memory to IP core or from IP core to system memory. Through its compatibility, it provides a simple interface to any IP core with the appropriate logic in between.



  • Supports 1-16 channel DMA Transmit and DMA Receive Engine
  • Compliant with ARM AMBA 2 AHB, AMBA 3 AHB-Lite and AMBA 5 AHB Specification
  • Supports access for Ring and Chained Descriptor Structures
  • Configurable Transmit and Receive Engine based on Host Memory Data Width
  • Configurable support by DMA Transmit and Receive Engine for both of the endianness of the host memory (Little / Big Endian)
  • Supports hardware DMA Control registers that can be written and read by CPU
  • Round Robin algorithm for arbitration between DMA Transmit and Receive Engine to access SOC Master Bus
  • SOC Master bus can be AXI/ AHB/ APB/ OCP/ Tilelink/ Wishbone
  • Supports AHB Slave bus
  • Uses SOC Slave Interface to get Receive and Transmit descriptors and transfer the data to/from the system memory from/to FIFO inside the DMA controller
  • User logic to map data fetched from Host to IP core or from IP core to host
  • Supports Sideband DMA request and Grant based triggering of transfers as on option for peripherals
  • Supports Scatter Gathers list
  • Supports 8/16/32 bit wide data transfers
  • Supports QoS per channel if SOC master interface supports Qos.
  • Supports programmable burst capability per SOC master
  • DMA supports full duplex operation, processing read and write transfers at the same time
  • Supports Link list-based processor for autonomous operation
  • Interface widths can be controller for each SOC master interface
  • Supports configurable DMA Transmit and DMA Receive FIFO based on Host Memory Data width
  • Generate full 32-bit addresses on the SOC master interface.


  • The DMA Controller with AHB interface is available in Source and netlist products.
  • The Source product is delivered in plain text Verilog. If needed VHDL, SystemC code can also be provided.
  • Easy to use Verilog Test Environment with Verilog Testcases
  • Lint, CDC, Synthesis, Simulation Scripts with waiver files
  • IP-XACT RDL generated address map
  • Firmware code and Linux driver package
  • Documentation contains User's Guide and Release notes