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T2M DisplayPort V-by-One/LVDS Tx Combo PHY in 28HPC+

V-by-One/LVDS Tx Combo PHY in 28HPC+

Description and Features

V-by-One/ LVDS Tx Combo PHY IP Core aims at achieving high-speed data transmission for video signals through internal equipment connections. The V-by-One® HS Standard establishes specifications for developing both transmitters and receivers. It supports speeds of up to 4Gbps per lane, with options for 8-lane and 16-lane PHY configurations for both transmission and reception. Additionally, V-by-One/ LVDS Tx Combo PHY IP for transmitter is available, comprising 20-lane (4 x 4D1C) LVDS drivers, supporting data rates of up to 1.5Gbps. These capabilities facilitate efficient and reliable data transmission, meeting the demands of modern digital video systems with enhanced performance and versatility.

  • LVDS compliant Tx

  • 4 groups of 4-Data

  • 1-Clock channels Each lane/group can be turned on/off individually Data/Clock can be assigned to any lane within the group

  • Differential polarity can be flip per lane

  • Supports from 168Mbps to 1.5Gbps data rate

  • Supports reduced swing mode

  • X7 Multiplier PLL for serial clock generation

  • Configurable analog characteristics

  • PLL loop filter

  • PLL VCO gain

  • Differential voltage Common-mode voltage

  • Pre-emphasis strength

  • Silicon Proven in TSMC 28HPC+


  • Datasheet

  • Integration guideline

  • GDSII or Phantom

  • GDSII Layer map table

  • CDL netlist for LVS

  • LEF Verilog behavior model

  • Liberty timing model DRC/LVS/ERC results