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T2M DisplayPort LVDS/FPD Link IP in 65/55LPe

LVDS/FPD Link IP in 65/55LPe

Description and Features

A transmitter for LVDS with a physical layer IP. This IP has 20 lanes (4 x 4D1C) of LVDS drivers and can handle 1.5Gbps of data rate. Both serial and parallel data are divided into 4 channels in LVDS mode. Each channel of the parallel data has a width of 7 bits. There is a 25MHz to 150MHz input clock. The serializer is completely internal and doesn't need any extra parts. The circuit is modularly constructed and desensitized to handle changes. This makes process migration easier and produces a solid design.


  • LVDS compliant Tx

  • 4 groups of 4-Data

  • 1-Clock channels Each lane/group can be turned on/off individually Data/Clock can be assigned to any lane within the group

  • Differential polarity can be flip per lane

  • Supports from 168Mbps to 1.5Gbps data rate

  • Supports reduced swing mode

  • X7 Multiplier PLL for serial clock generation

  • Configurable analog characteristics

  • PLL loop filter

  • PLL VCO gain

  • Differential voltage Common-mode voltage

  • Pre-emphasis strength

  • Silicon Proven in GF 65/55nm LPe.


  • Datasheet

  • Integration guideline

  • GDSII or Phantom

  • GDSII Layer map table

  • CDL netlist for LVS

  • LEF Verilog behavior model

  • Liberty timing model DRC/LVS/ERC results