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T2M Automotive AVB MAC IP


Description and Features

AVB MAC core is compliant with IEEE Standard 802.1Q and IEEE 1722 specification. Through its compatibility, it provides a simple interface to a wide range of low-cost devices. AVB MAC IIP is proven in FPGA environment. It can also supports a variety of host bus interfaces for easy adoption into any design architecture - AHB,AHBLite,APB,AXI,AXILite,Tilelink,OCP,VCI,Avalon,PLB,Wishbone or custom buses AVB MAC IIP is supported natively in Verilog and VHDL



  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 1722 specifications

  • Supports IEEE 802.1 AS for AVB Traffic (gPTP)

  • Supports IEEE 1588 - Ingress and egress timestamping per port

  • Supports IEEE 802.1Qav - Fowarding and Queuing,Traffic Shaping

  • Supports AVB Endpoint talker and/or listener functionality

  • Supports IEEE 1722 - Layer 2 Transport Protocol for time sensitive applications

  • Supports IEEE 802.1BA – AVB Systems

  • Qos Handling based on IEEE 802.1Q

  • Support for AVB SR Class A,Class B and Class C traffic - IEEE 802.1Qat Stream Reservation

  • Supports IEEE 802.1Qbb - Priority Flow Control (PFC)Supports for MDIO (Clause 22 and Clause 45) Interface

  • Configurable Ethernet Ports

  • Supports per port rate limiting and port based VLAN support

  • Supports MDIO slave and master model as per Clause 22 and Clause 45

  • Supports for Programmable Inter Packed Gap(IPG) and Preamble length

  • Support GMII/RGMII/MII interface

  • FCS generation supported


  • The AVB MAC interface is available in Source and netlist products.

  • The Source product is delivered in plain text verilog.If needed VHDL,SystemC code can also be provided.

  • Easy to use Verilog Test Environment with Verilog Testcases

  • Lint, CDC, Synthesis, Simulation Scripts with waiver files

  • IP-XACT RDL generated address map

  • Firmware code and Linux driver package

  • Documentation contains User's Guide and Release notes.