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T2M DTMB Demodulator & Decoder IP

DTMB Demodulator & Decoder IP

Description and Features

This DTMB demodulator IP is ready to license and silicon proven IP extratced from production chip and fully compliant with China digital tenestlial television broadcasting standard GB20600-2006 , GB/T 26683-2017 and GB/T26686-2017. It supports both multi-camer and single carrier modes, and is capable of receiving all standard-defimtion and high-defimtion digital televrsion formats (SDTVMDTV). It has excellent performance under several channel conditions, and is suitable not only for fixed TV applications, such as integrated DTV and STB, but also for high-speed mobile applications.

This IP accepts one-path 10-bits samples, generated by an A/D converter sampling to an around (but not limited to ) 36.167MHz-centered IF or around (but not limited to ) 5.767 MHz-centered Low-IF signal, as digital input data. And this IP also accepts zero frequency digital input data. The input data is 2’s complementary format. The sampling clock of A/D is assumed to be either 31.12MHz or 30.4MHz, which is a free-running clock, i.e, no need of feedback control from digital processing system. Down-conversion and I/Q separation for both IF and low-IF input is performed digitally inside the IP. Also a digital adjacent filter is implemented to potentially relax the requirement for external analog filters, therefore only one external SAW filter is required.dtmb-demodulator


  • Fully compliant with China digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard GB 20600-2006
  • Supports all the transmission modes(for both multi-camer and single canier)
  • Modulation modes 4QXM-NR, 4QAåM, 16QAM, 32QAåM, 64QAM
  • FEC Coding Rate0.4, 0.6, 0.8
  • Time De-Interleaver : 240, 720
  • Guard Interval 420 (fixed/rotating phase), 595, 945 (fixed/rotating phase)
  • Integrate DTMB demodulator, ADC, DAC, PLL, 12C into single chip
  • Excellent performance
  • Outstanding performance for both multi-camer and single canier.
  • Unique adaptive equalizer technique for superior static and dynamic performance.
  • Powerfill adjacent channel and co-channel Interference cancelatlon
  • Robust timing recovery and camer recovery'
  • Robust anti-doppler effect capability for high speed mobile application - Excellent ability for impulse noise rejection
  • Support SFN(Single frequency network) and MFN(Multi frequency network) conditions
  • Flexible design and the Interfaces
  • Automatic parameters detection and update
  • Wide range of IF carier frequency: Direct sampling(36.167+1-3.8MHz), zero-IF
  • Dual AGC intelface, IF AGC (either PDM or analog signal) and RF AGC (PDM)
  • Parallel/serial MPEG-2 transport output
  • 12C interface to control internal parameters
  • Intemal SDRAM
  • Working for De-interleaver : 64Mbits
  • GPIO
  • 3bits
  • Enable to setting input mode or output mode for each bit