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T2M Cellular SDR PHY for Telemetry application

SDR PHY for Telemetry application

Description and Features

This SDR supports Spread Spectrum and SOQPSK waveforms for Telemetry applications. Solution uses FPGA SoC based SDR design to offer flexibility for any customizations. The on-board wideband RF Transceiver unit (70MHz - 6GHz) ensures that with minimal change in the RF front end circuit, several combinations of Transmit power, receive gain, multiplexing schemes (TDD/ FDD), can be achieved.

The SDR supports BPSK and QPSK modulation. The data rates range from 1200 bps to 115200 bps in Spread Spectrum Configuration

  • Spread Spectrum and SOQPK Radio
  • Faster Signal Acquisition
  • High Mobility & Doppler Support
  • Long Range
  • Anti-Jamming Radio with Spread Spectrum waveform
  • FDD based Full Duplex Link
  • Programmable Data Rates
  • In built FEC Channel coding schemes
  • Both Serial Data & Ethernet Data Interface Configuration tool for ease of operation
  • RF Link Diagnostics for performance Analysis
  • Customizable Baseband & RF for specific deployment
  • Ruggedized Hardware for outdoor Deployment

RF Specifications

  • IF Operating Frequency - 70 MHz to 6 GHz
  • RF Operating Frequency - 450 MHz Band, Customizable for specific deployment
  • Transmit Power - 33 dBm, Customizable for specific deployment
  • Better than -110 dBm