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T2M Cellular NTN System Test Bench

NTN System Test Bench

Description and Features

The NTN System Test Bench (STB) is a cost-effective, flexible environment for NTN satellite network operators or applications developers. Simulating either transparent or regenerative modes for LEO satellite networks, customers can take advantage of provided test scenarios or develop their own. MEO and GEO capabilities will be supported in the future. The STB simulates a population of UE devices within a specific geographical area, corresponding to the single beam area of a satellite, communicating with a server application using highly customisable data flows to represent IOT like behaviour. The data flows will be assessed over the different test configurations to show the effects of varying NTN related parameters, such as satellite trajectories, beam sizes and constellation densities and NTN channel impairments. Satellite network operators can easily analyse system performance and degradation experimentally, saving potentially millions of dollars.


Block Diagram



  • Allows end-to-end testing of NB-IoT NTN system in lab environment.

  • supports 3GPP® Release 17 and 18 standards.

  • supports LEO transparent or regenerative modes of operation.

  • multiple-instancing and virtualisation to simulate UE community.

  • highly customisable configurations using web-based front-end.

  • auto-advance through idle and out of coverage periods (PSM supported)


  • Cost effective

  • flexible environment

  • provide test scenarios