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T2M Cellular 5G NR Rel-16 UE Protocol Stack SW IP

5G NR Rel-16 UE Protocol Stack SW IP

Description and Features

This is a 3GPP 5G NR Release 16 Compliant UE Protocol Stack SW IP. The stack also offers LTE Stack functionality. It can operate in both SA and NSA mode. The single solution can support LTE, 5GNR and various deployment modes. The 5G NR UE can be tuned to provide performance for high bandwidth eMBB applications and can also be tuned for low memory and processing footprints for V2X and MMTC applications.

The 5G NR UE stack is ported to a 64-bit ARM processor on the Xilinx RF SoC platform and is also available on x86 based host computer. The 5GNR UE IP supports USM, Soft SIM and SIM free operation. And has OS and HW abstraction for easy portability.  5g-nr-ue-ip-l2-l3-stack-silicon-proven-ip-core-supplier-in-china 

  • 3GPP Release 16 compliant
  • Duplexing Mode: FDD/TDD
  • Capable of operating as a pure LTE UE Stack
  • Capable of operating in both SA and NSA mode
  • Sub Carrier Spacing: 15kHz, 30kHz
  • Upto 100 MHz FR1 operation.
  • Comprises of NAS, RRC, SDAP, PDCP, RLC, MAC Layers
  • Security AES and SNOW 3G support
  • GUI for configuration and monitoring
  • Support of KPI display and KPI reporting using SNMP.


  • Source and binary License
  • Customization support for Target Platform Integration
  • Algorithm Simulations
  • L2 / L3 Stack
  • Design documents
  • User manual


  • Cellular
  • Smart city
  • Connected home
  • Internet of things