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T2M Bluetooth BT Dual-Mode v5.3 RF IP in TSMC 40nm-ULP

BT Dual-Mode v5.3 RF IP in TSMC 40nm-ULP

Description and Features

Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth Dual-Mode RF Transceiver IP in TSMC 40nm Logic LP processes node, The Radio Support standards like Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR), Bluetooth Low Energy, 802.15.4 PHY Layer (e.g. ZigBee), and is compliant with Bluetooth ® Core Spec. Version 5.2.

The IP integrates all the calibrations required for the radio operation in an SoC, and an optional modem and is divided into an analog/RF Hard IP consisting of the RX chain from LNA to ADC, the TX chain from DAC to TX PA, and the synthesizer, The digital soft IP consisting of an RF controller, and an optional BT modulator/demodulator.

This Dual-Mode RF IP delivers the lowest power consumption together with state-of-the-art performances (sensitivity, interference rejection) at a minimal cost. The IPs-integrated LDOs, fully programmable modem, and interfaces are optimized for easy integration into SoCs and compatible with leading BT Controllers.


  • Compliant with Bluetooth 5.2 dual mode

  • Single-ended antenna with internal matching network

  • Minimum mask layers

  • Minimum IO pins

  • Radio analog hard IP area < 0.7mm2. Digital soft IP is less than 200K gates.

  • Excellent RX Noise Figure <6dB, up to 10dBm TX output power

  • Ultra-Low Power Operation, RX mode power consumption (@ sensitivity, 1Mbps) <8.8mW @1.1V(core voltage), TX mode power consumption (@ 0dBm) <15mW @1.1V

  • Integrated with ESD protected I/O pads

  • Technology Node: TSMC 40nm Logic LP/ULP

  • Junction Temperature Range of -400C to 1250C


  • Mono/Stereo Headset

  • Mono/Stereo Speaker

  • mPOS

  • Printers