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T2M Bluetooth BLE 5.3 / 15.4 RF PHY IP

BLE 5.3 / 15.4 RF PHY IP

Description and Features

The icyTRX ultra-low-power RF transceiver is designed to meet standards such as Bluetooth v5.3 Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart), 802.15.4 PHY Layer (e.g. ZigBee), and proprietary standards with data-rates from 62.5 kBit/s up to 4 Mbit/s. icyTRX offers less than 5.5mW consumption in receive mode from a 1.0V supply. icyTRX is a complete transceiver that is designed for miniaturization, yielding a die size of less than 1.6 mm2 in 55 nm CMOS, requiring minimal external components thanks to high degree of integration. icyTRX is designed for easy integration into ASICs and SoCs. Available under license as an embedded IP block for integration in CMOS SoCs and ASICs. This is a mature, production proven RF IP. Samples and development kits are available.


  • Exceeds BLE v5 and ZigBee v3 requirements: 2MBPS, Long Range
  • Power Consumption:
    • 1V to 1.3V (functional down to 0.9V)
    • RX current: 5.3 mA (@1 MBit/s)
    • TX current: 8.6 mA (@ 1 dBm)                  
  •  Bluetooth 5 sensitivity:
    • -94 dBm at 2 Mbit/s
    • -97 dBm at 1 Mbit/s (4x)
    • -105 dBm at 125 kbit/s (Long Range S=8)
    • -101 dBm at 500 kbit/s (Long Range S=2)
  • No calibration needed, ultra fast settling
  • Single Rx and Tx port
  • Fully integrated FSK-based modem, with programmable pulse shape, data rate and modulation index
  • Partial Link layer functionalities, including :automatic packet handling, CRC, AES-CCM, separate Rx and Tx FIFOs
  • Proprietary modes with adjustable bitrate from 62.5 kBit/s up to 4 Mbit/s
  • Pre-integrated with ARM, CEVA, Mindtree
  • Silicon area <1.6 mm (55 nm CMOS)
  • No calibration needed, ultra fast settling


  • IcyTRX IP is delivered as a GDS2 for CMOS 55nm
  • Behavioral model for the analog/RF portion
  • RTL for the digital portion
  • Related test benches
  • Documentation
  • Samples and development kits are available


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wearables
  • HID
  • smartphone phone
  • computer (desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet)
  • mono/stereo headset
  • car kit
  • navigation
  • portable media player
  • digital TV
  • Set Top Box
  • gaming, etc...