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T2M ATSC Demodulator & Decoder IP

ATSC Demodulator & Decoder IP

Description and Features

The integrates a digital terrestrial (ATSC) receiver (8VSB demodulation and FEC), a digital cable receiver (in-band 64/256 QAM demodulation and FEC), and a downstream interactive out-of-band (OOB) receiver (QPSK Demodulation). On-chip SRAMs avoid the need for external memory components.

In case of Open Cable compliant products, the provides the support for a unidirectional (in-band and OOB downstream) configuration and enables a low-cost frequency agile OOB by embedding an OOB tuner. The device provides an interface to the Cable CARD module to facilitate the processing of digital information which is received over the following communication channels:

  •  An in-band video channel, which carries MPEG-2 transport streams.
  • An OOB downstream data channel.

The delivers one transport stream only, from either a digital terrestrial or digital cable channel. It is controlled via an I2C interface.



  • Digital terrestrial (ATSC) receiver
  • 8VSB demodulator including a highly efficient adaptive equalizer
  • ATSC Annex D FEC decoder
  • Integrated SRAM for byte interleaving
  • Dual AGC for optimal RF versus IF gain control. For wide-band AGC tuners, the RF gain may be set to unity
  • EIA/CEA 909 smart antenna interface (modes A and B both supported)
  • Digital cable receiver (in-band QAM demodulator and ITU-T J83 B FEC)
  • QAM demodulator for 64 and 256 constellations and ITU-T annex B symbol rates
  • ITU-T annex B compatible FEC decoder
  • Integrated SRAM for annex B variable interleaving (up to 128 x 4)
  • Dual AGC for optimal RF versus IF gain control
  • Downstream interactive out-of-band (OOB-QPSK) receiver
  • QPSK demodulator with variable symbol rates Integrated matched filtering and spectral inversion
  • Carrier recovery and adaptive equalization
  • Analog gain control (AGC)
  • Diagnostics features: Lock indicator, Integrated signal quality monitor, SNR estimators ,Received power monitoring, Carrier frequency and symbol rate offsets monitoring
  • Analog functions: Clock generation (PLL),10-bit A/D converter with differential inputs for in-band signal,8-bit A/D converter with differential inputs for out-of-band signals, OOB super heterodyne down conversion tuner
  • Transport stream output interface: Serial or parallel configuration, TS interface tristate able under the control of software, Output transport streams compatible with ACE module input in serial mode only (MC1.7), Cable CARD and many ST backend ICs,Transport stream outputs are forward error corrected and may optionally have the Reed-Solomon bytes still appended.
  • I2C interface: Simple 8-bit I2C interface to the host, Control and status register access ,I2C filters and repeaters used to control external tuners