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T2M DAC 12bit 640Msps Current Steering DAC IP Core

12bit 640Msps Current Steering DAC IP Core

Description and Features

12-bit, 640Msps Current Steering DAC is a high-performance current steering DAC supporting data rates up to 640Msps. Each DAC core comprises a current source matrix with quad switching architecture, controlled by an adaptive balanced driver and re-timing latches. It includes all essential calibration circuitry for superior static and dynamic linearity performance. Each channel features an integrated multiplexer for multiplexing 2 lanes of 12-bit data to achieve an effective data rate of 640Msps. A parallel digital interface is provided for external reading and writing of calibration bits.

  • Technology: TSMC 22nm ULP process

  • Metal Scheme: 1P8M_5X1Z1U UT-AlRDL

  • 12b Resolution, Fs = 640Msps

  • Programmable 20mA Differential Current Source

  • In-built Self-Calibration for mismatch for excellent linearity

  • Dynamic Performance@640Msps:

  • More than 60dB SFDR @110MHz

  • 71dB SFDR @ 20MHz

  • IMD3 >-65dB @20MHz±1MHz

  • Selectable Internal and External load Terminations

  • Output Common Mode: 300mV ±5%

  • 1.8V ±5% Analog Power Supply

  • 0.8V ±5% Digital Core Power Supply

  • Integrated Voltage and Current References

  • Very low silicon area

  • INL ±2LSB, DNL ±1LSB

  • Gain Error 5% with internal load termination enabled

  • NSD > -160dbm/Hz

  • Area=0.696mm2


  • Wideband wireless communication

  • 5G, LTE


  • Instrumentations, Automatic Test Equipment ATE

  • Radars