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T2M Analog/Codec 1.65V Low Noise Microphone Bias IP Core

1.65V Low Noise Microphone Bias IP Core

Description and Features

1.65V Low Noise Microphone Bias IP Core is a low noise microphone bias voltage generator that provides 1.65V highly regulated output. The output voltage can be programmed with 6 trimming Bits for ±75mV range. The bias-voltage generator has a low output noise of 3.5μVRMS across the audio range frequency. It has typical PSRR of 80dB across the audio range. The external mode operation gives the option to bypass the MICBIAS output to provide customized bias voltage.



  • Low Noise Microphone Bias with 1.65V typical output

  • 1.8V to 3.6V Supply Voltage Range

  • 6 Bit Trimming Option for ±75mV output voltage programming

  • Low Output Noise Voltage of 3.5μVRMS typical between 20Hz to 20kHz

  • Typical PSRR of 80dB between 20Hz to 20kHz

  • External Mode Operation Option for providing user Bias

  • Power down operation withlow consumption

  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range


  • Portable audio players

  • Multimedia phones

  • Digital cameras


  • Datasheet

  • Hard Macro (GDSII)

  • Characterization Report (as applicable)

  • Abstract View (LEF)

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