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T2M ADC 24-bit 320kHz Bandwidth ADC IP Core

24-bit 320kHz Bandwidth ADC IP Core

Description and Features

The CT-320K is a 24-bit continuous-time delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter IP. By leveraging our patented Switched-Mode Signal Processing (SMSP) technology, our ADC seamlessly fits into system-on chip integrated circuits requiring only small area and low power. With up to 320KHz input signal bandwidth, 130dB of SNR, high clock jitter tolerance and a resistive input, SM-CTDSM-320K’s oversampling architecture is extremely well suited for applications requiring very high-resolution samples. Applications High-resolution medical imaging, portable imaging systems, high-speed transceivers



  • 130dB SNR
  •  Continuous-time delta sigma ADC
  •  High clock jitter tolerance
  •  Background PVT Cal
  •  Low-power
  •  Integrated Voltage Reference
  •  Resistive Input Impedance
  •  Power-down mode