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T2M Analog PVT Sensor & SAR ADC Combo IP in 12nm

PVT Sensor & SAR ADC Combo IP in 12nm

Description and Features

PVT Sensor & SAR ADC is an IP Core including TEMSEN ,.SARADC and 3xPOR. The SAR ADC used in this system offers a 10-bit resolution, ensuring precise and accurate conversion of analog signals to digital values. With a sampling rate range of up to 0.25Msps (mega-samples per second), it can efficiently capture and convert signals at a high speed. The ADC's impressive SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of 56dB at 0.1Msps, with a 10kHz input signal, guarantees excellent signal integrity and minimal noise interference. Additionally, its multi-single-ended configuration enables the simultaneous conversion of four channels, providing enhanced flexibility and versatility for various applications.

The Temperature SENSOR incorporated in this system operates with a TCPTAT (Temperature Coefficient of Proportional to Absolute Temperature) of 2.5mV per degree Celsius, allowing for accurate temperature measurements. With a temperature variation range of ±2℃, it can effectively detect and monitor temperature changes with precision. The sensor is designed to work reliably under different power reset voltages, including 0.8V, 1.8V, and 3.3V, ensuring compatibility and adaptability in various power supply scenarios. This enables seamless integration of the temperature sensor into different electronic systems, providing reliable and consistent temperature monitoring capabilities.


  • 10bit 0.25Msps SAR ADC

  • SNR:56dB@0.1Msps, 10KHz input signal.

  • Multi single ended: 4 channels

  • Temperature SENSER = TCPTAT=2.5mV/℃, ΔT=±2℃

  • 3 x POR 0.8V, 1.8V, and 3.3V

  • Easy integration and noise immunity

  • Ultra-low leakage power

  • Ultra-low active power

  • Low-area  


  • Temperature monitoring on SoC

  • Industrial Process control

  • Thermal protection

  • Die Temperature monitoring

  • MOS Process corner estimation

  • System performance enhancement 


  • Datasheet

  • GDS II

  • Abstract View (LEF)

  • Integration and Customer


  • Integrated ADC

  • Thermal sensor

  • Process monitoring

  • Voltage monitoring