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T2M Analog/Codec Low-drift 2.5V voltage IP Core

Low-drift 2.5V voltage IP Core

Description and Features

Low-drift 2.5-V voltage reference 10ppm/°C IP Core is a Reference that contains two parts, precision reference voltage generator and reference output voltage (REFOUT) buffer. It offers an integrated low-drift, 2.5-V voltage reference. For applications that require a different reference voltage, the reference has a reference input option for use with an external reference voltage. The reference source is selected by the INTREFEN bit. The internal voltage reference requires 0.2 ms to settle to 1% and 250 ms to fully settle to 0.01% when switching from an external reference source to the internal reference.


  • Reference 2.5V

  • Voltage accuracy +/- 1%

  • Temperature drift <10ppm/°C

  • Startup time 0.2ms for 1% accuracy

  • PSRR 88dB @60Hz

  • Process Technology Node: SMIC 180nm

  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range


  • Measurement Equipment

  • Analog Modules for PLCs

  • Precision Data Acquisition Systems

  • Medical applications


  • Datasheet

  • Hard Macro (GDSII)

  • Characterization Report (as applicable)

  • Abstract View (LEF)

  • Integration and Customer Support