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T2M DAC 24-bit Sigma Delta Stereo Audio 28nm DAC IP Core

24-bit Sigma Delta Stereo Audio 28nm DAC IP Core

Description and Features

Complete low-cost stereo digital to analog converter for audio applications. The DAC comprises of digital interpolating filters, a third order single loop multibit sigma delta DAC, followed by a continuous time reconstruction filter. The device is fabricated on TSMC 28nm process where high precision analog circuits are combined with high-density logic circuits.


  • 24-bit stereo audio DAC

  • Audio interface is serial I2s

  • I2S digital audio interface

  • Soft power up/down mode

  • Ultra-low area

  • Linear phase digital filtering

  • Zero phase error between channels

  • Low clock jitter sensitivity

  • Analog filter: continuous time


  • Portable audio players

  • Multimedia phones

  • Digital cameras