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T2M Analog/Codec 24-bit 4ksps ADC AFE IP core

24-bit 4ksps ADC AFE IP core

Description and Features

Analog Front End with 24-bit 4ksps ADC for Medical, seismic business & weighing scale is a 24-bit delta sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) containing a low noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with a programmable update rate. This ADC is very well suited for low power applications further enhancing its battery life by introducing the bridge sensor to switch off when not converting. This ADC operates with a power supply from 2.7 V to 5.5 V.


  • High resolution:127dB SNR (250sps)

  • Low noise PGA

  • Programmable gain (1,2 4,8,16,32,64)

  • Two channel input multiplexers

  • Power Supply:AVDD 5V, DVDD 1.65 to 3.6V

  • Programmable output data rate:

  • High CMRR > than -100 dB

  • High accuracy, THD: -122dB

  • Offset and gain calibration

  • Programmable power down and reset

  • -40C to 125C operating temperature range

  • SPI interface


  • Medical AFE

  • Sensor measurement

  • Weigh scales

  • Industrial process control

  • Digital instrument


  • Datasheet

  • CDL netlists

  • Liberty timings

  • Verilog description

  • An integration note

  • Characterization Report (as applicable)

  • Abstract View (LEF)

  • Integration and Customer Support