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T2M Analog 20mA 10Ghz BW Capless

20mA 10Ghz BW Capless

Description and Features

20mA 10GHz BW capless IP core is a digital circuit block that provides a capless Low Drop-Out (LDO) voltage regulator function. It is designed to be integrated into larger digital systems, such as System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, to provide a stable and regulated power supply for the other components in the system. The 20mA 10GHz BW capless IP core is capable of delivering up to 20 milliamperes of output current and has a bandwidth of 10GHz. The capless design means that the IP core does not require an external capacitor to stabilize its output voltage, which can simplify the circuit design and reduce the required board space. The 20mA 10GHz BW capless IP core is a compact and efficient solution for providing regulated power in digital systems, and its capless design can help to reduce the cost and complexity of system design.


  • Low dropout voltage

  • High bandwidth

  • Capless operation

  • Low noise

  • Thermal shutdown protection

  • Reverse current protection

  • Low quiescent current

  • Short-circuit protection

  • Overload protection

  • Wide operating temperature range


  • GDS

  • LVS Spice netlist

  • Verilog mo

  • User Guidelines including:

  • integration guidelines

  • layout guidelines

  • testability guidelines

  • packaging guidelines

  • board-level guidelines