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T2M DAC 14bit IQ High Speed 10.3 Bit ENOB DAC IP Core

14bit IQ High Speed 10.3 Bit ENOB DAC IP Core

Description and Features

The 14-bit IQ High Speed 10.3 bit ENOB DAC IP Core employs a high-performance architecture and provides an optional differential current output or differential voltage output. The bandgap and current source are included to provide a complete DAC. The DAC can be configured to adjust full-scale output range and has all the necessary calibration circuitry to provide excellent static and dynamic linearity performance. The DAC uses a proprietary architecture that reduces harmonic and intermodulation distortions at high output frequency and amplitudes. Our data converter (ADC and DAC) IP cores offer sampling rates from a few MSPS to over 20GSPS and resolutions ranging from 6 bits to 14 bits.



  • 14bit Resolution

  • 10.3bit ENOB

  • Functional from -40 deg C to 125 deg C

  • Reduces noise and power consumption.

  • Provides accurate charge transfer without the need for calibration.

  • Simplifies high-performance analog designs.


  • CDL netlists

  • Liberty timings

  • Verilog description

  • A full datasheet

  • An integration note.


  • Excellent linearity

  • Compact area

  • High-performance low power

  • Complete subsystem with:

  • Bandgap reference

  • Support for I/Q and array configurations


  • 5G Wireless Infrastructure

  • General purpose software defined radio.

  • High speed data acquisition systems

  • Cellular base station

  • Broadband communications

  • High-speed medical imaging

  • Wideband satellite receiver

  • Wireline Communication

  • Wireless Communication

  • Low Power IoT