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T2M ADC 10bit 1Msps SAR ADC IP Core

10bit 1Msps SAR ADC IP Core

Description and Features

10-bit successive approximation Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) is designed for high-performance applications. Utilizing 28FDSOI technology with process options including 6 Metal (5+1), 8 Metal (6+2), and 10 Metal (6+2+2), this ADC achieves exceptional performance while maintaining a compact silicon footprint. With a parallel 10-bit output, this ADC offers a conversion time of 1 µs and a sampling frequency of 1 Msps, making it suitable for applications requiring fast and accurate analog-to-digital conversion. In terms of performance, the ADC delivers exceptional accuracy with Integral Non-Linearity (INL) of less than ±1 LSB and Differential NonLinearity (DNL) of less than ±0.5 LSB, ensuring precise conversion of analog signals into digital data. Overall, this ADC offers high-performance analogto-digital conversion in a compact and efficient package, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial automation, medical imaging, and telecommunications.


1. 10-bit Parallel Output.

2. Conversion time/Sampling frequency = 1 us/ 1Msps


4. SUPPLY REQUIREMENT: 1.8 V Analog/0.9 V Digital



      a. Typ= +/- 1 LSB

      b. Max= +/- 2 LSB


      c. Typ= +/- 0.5 LSB

      d. Max= +/- 1 LSB


      e. Typ= +/- 3 LSB

      f. Max= +/- 5 LSB


      g. Typ= +/- 3 LSB

      h. Max= +/- 5 LSB


      i. Typ= 100 KHz

-SNDR (Fin=100Khz,Fs=1MHz)

     j. Min= 48 dB

     k. Typ= 50 dB

6. Process option: 6 Metal (5+1),8 metal (6+2) and 10 Metal (6+2+2)

7. TEMPERATURE RANGE: Min= -40, Typ= 25, Max= 125

8. Silicon Proven in 28FDSOI

9. Production Proven 


  • Detailed Datasheet

  • Verilog behavior model (A) for simulation

  • Liberty (db./.lib) for synthesis, STA, and equivalence checking

  • CTL / CTLDB for DFT

  • SPF (Standard Test Interface Language (STIL Procedure File) for ATPG

  • LEF for APR

  • CDL for LVS connection