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T2M DAC 10-Bit High Speed Video DAC IP Core

10-Bit High Speed Video DAC IP Core

Description and Features

It consists of 1channel high speed, 10-bit, video digital-to-analog converter (VDAC) with composite output. The DAC is based on voltage output architecture with video band filter buffer with lower power consumption.

To combine 3 channel VDACs, they can also realize HD application with complementary outputs.

Adjustable swing registers make output swing can be trimmed from -51% to +51% with each step of 1.7%.

With building-in plug detection circuits, VDAC can sense output if used and be power down itself automatically.

  • 1 channels 10-bit video DAC with SD video filter.
  • Clock rate up to 108MHz for SD video applications.
  • Support 297MHz clock input with complementary 3 channels VDACs to realize HD video applications.
  • 1.7% per step adjustable registers for output swing level.
  • Built in plug-in detection without additional PINs.
  • 0.5V ~ 3.1V voltage output without AC coupling capacitors.
  • Internal reference without external resisters or capacitors.
  • 0.83V biasing voltage is needed for common mode voltage.
  • INL < 2LSB and DNL < 1LSB
  • Low power dissipation (typical 120mW)
  • Low power standby mode (typical 0.4mW)