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USB 4.0 Host And Device Controller IP Cores Unleashing The Power Of High-Speed Connectivity With Tunnelling Of Display Port And PCIe Is Now Available For Licensing

22 May, 2023

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its partner’s Silicon Proven and mature USB 4.0 Host & Device Controller IP Cores. The USB 4.0 Controller IP is designed to deliver blistering data transfer speeds that were previously unimaginable, with the added functionality of tunnelling Display Port and PCIe to external devices for an even wider range of applications such external hard drives, keyboards, mice, printers, and other peripherals.
USB 4.0 Host and Device Controller IP cores surpasses its predecessors by leaps and bounds with 40 Gbps data rate. With the Display Port and PCIe tunnelling features, it can handle seamless integration of various peripherals, such as external graphics cards, high-resolution displays, and storage devices, all through a single USB Type-C connector. With lightning-fast data transfer speeds, enhanced bandwidth, backward compatibility, advanced power and charging capabilities, seamless multimedia streaming, quicker backup and restore operations and robust security features, which will not only boost productivity and efficiency but also provide a foundation for building interconnected ecosystems and seamless user experiences:
USB 4.0 Host and Device Controller IP cores, Display Port adaptor capabilities utilize the USB Type-C Alt Mode standard, which allows the USB Type-C connector to carry DisplayPort signals alongside USB data, power delivery, and other protocols which introduces support for incredibly high-resolution displays at 60Hz, providing a truly immersive visual experience. USB 4.0 DisplayPort adaptor implements Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology, allowing for the daisy-chaining of multiple monitors using a single USB Type-C connector with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, enhancing the visual experience by delivering a broader range of colors, higher contrast ratios, and increased brightness levels.
A USB 4.0 PCIe adapter expands capabilities, providing even faster data transfer speeds and increased bandwidth offered by PCIe technology, in addition to the 40 Gbps speed of USB 4.0. This is beneficial for demanding applications such as large file transfers, high-resolution video editing, and data-intensive tasks. With the PCIe adaptor installed, users can connect additional USB devices simultaneously, such as external hard drives, keyboards, mice, printers, and other peripherals. It also provides enhanced power delivery capabilities and incorporates the latest security features, including USB Type-C Authentication, which helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures the integrity of connected devices.
In addition to USB 4.0 Controller and PHY IP Core, T2M ‘s broad silicon Interface IP Core Portfolio includes HDMI, Display Port, MIPI (CSI, DSI UniPro, UFS, RFFE, I3C), PCIe, DDR, 1G Ethernet, V-by-One, programmable SerDes, OnFi and many more, available in major Fabs in process geometries as small as 7nm. They can also be ported to other foundries and leading-edge processes nodes on request.

Availability: These Semiconductor Interface IP Cores are available for immediate licensing either stand alone or with pre-integrated Controllers and PHYs. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo


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