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T2M Unveils Top-Selling Gigabit Ethernet PHY IP Core with Unlimited Usage and Full Modification Rights, Available for Licensing Immediately

28 Aug, 2023

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce its best-selling GbE (10/100/1000 Base-T) PHY IP Core’s availability for immediate licensing as a Whitebox License with Unlimited usage and full modification rights.
Designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern network infrastructures, the Gigabit Ethernet PHY brings a host of advanced features that cater to the most demanding networking environments with the added advantage of providing the customer with flexibility to customize and upgrade the solution to meet the demanding semiconductor standards.
Built on a foundation of technical excellence, the PHY which is extracted from Production Chipset, and encompasses a range of functionalities that ensure seamless connectivity and optimal data transmission. The Ethernet PHY IP Core is fully compliant with industry standards, including IEEE 802.3-2008 and IEEE 802.3az. Furthermore, with IEEE 1588-2008 support, the PHY ensures accurate and synchronized timekeeping across network nodes, critical for time-sensitive applications.
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The incorporation of BroadR-Reach™ technology further underscores the product's versatility, enabling long-distance connections with reduced wiring complexity. The dual-port MAC interface offers both GMII (10/100/1000BASE-T) and MII (10/100BASE-T) support, accommodating various network configurations with six distinct operating modes, including 1000BASE-T and 100BASE-TX, in both full duplex and half duplex configurations, allowing to adapt to diverse network requirements.
This IP core stands out with its intelligent features designed to optimize performance and reliability. Auto-negotiation support facilitates seamless communication between devices, automatically selecting the best possible connection parameters. Incorporating 10KB jumbo frames, the Ethernet PHY IP Core enhances data transfer efficiency by enabling the transmission of larger data packets along with baseline wander compensation, on-chip transmit wave-shaping, and an on-chip hybrid circuit further enhancing signal quality and integrity, resulting in consistently high data throughput.
Designed with flexibility in mind, the PHY features hardware configuration for default operation and a power-down mode, which contributes to energy savings with IEEE 1500 support facilitating seamless integration into System-on-Chip (SoC) testing processes, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Availability: These IP Cores are available for immediate licensing. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo .
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