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T2M-IP Announces Silicon-Proven MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx and DSI-2 Tx Controller Low-Power, Cost-Effective IP Cores Solutions for Advanced SoCs

24 Jun, 2024

T2MIP, a leading provider of semiconductor IP cores, has announced the immediate availability of their partner's MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx and DSI Tx Controller IP core solutions. These cost-effective, low-power solutions provide a high-performance interface for SoCs, application processors, and peripheral devices in mobile, automotive, AI, and IoT sectors. Operating at the data rates up to 4.5 Gbps per lane. With four lanes, this allows for an aggregate data rate of up to 18 Gbps and complies with the MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx and DSI IP Cores protocol, supporting low-power states for energy-efficient operation.
This Silicon-Proven MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx IP Core solution is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for high-speed, low-power data transmission in mobile, automotive, AI, and IoT sectors. As devices become more advanced, the need for efficient and reliable interfaces becomes critical. The MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx IP addresses this by offering high data rates of up to 4.5 Gbps per lane and an aggregate data rate of 18 Gbps across four lanes. Its low power consumption and support for low-power states make it ideal for battery-operated devices, aligning with the industry's shift towards energy-efficient solutions. Full compliance with MIPI D-PHY v2.5 specifications ensures interoperability and standardization, which is crucial for widespread adoption.
its scalability and robust performance make it suitable for a variety of applications, from smartphones and tablets to advanced automotive systems and AI-driven devices. The proven reliability through silicon validation and compatibility with advanced technology nodes further enhances its appeal, providing a future-proof solution that meets the evolving needs of the market. In a competitive landscape where performance and efficiency are paramount, the Silicon-Proven MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx IP stands out as a cost-effective, high-performance interface, ready to meet the growing demands of modern technology systems.
This MIPI DSI-2 Controller IP core solution offers a versatile and efficient solution for driving displays in various applications. With support for up to four data lanes and a maximum data rate of 2.5 Gbps per lane, these IP cores provide high-speed and reliable data transmission. They are compliant with the MIPI DSI specifications, ensuring interoperability, and providing a reliable and efficient way to transmit high-resolution video and graphics data from the SoC (System-on-Chip) to the display panel. They support features like multi-lane operation, low-power modes, and various display resolutions and refresh rates, making them versatile for different display requirements and compatibility with a wide range of display panels. The IP cores also feature low-power modes, making them suitable for mobile devices, automotive displays, and other power-sensitive applications.
Availability: In addition to the high-speed MIPI D-PHY v2.5 Tx and DSI-2 Tx Controller IP cores, T2M's broad silicon Interface IP Core Portfolio includes a comprehensive range of interface solutions. This portfolio encompasses USB, HDMI, Display Port, DDR, MIPI (CSI, DSI, Soundwire, I3C), 10/100/1000 Ethernet, programmable SerDes, SD/eMMCs, Analog IPs, and more. These IPs are designed to cater to various connectivity and communication needs in modern semiconductor designs.
About T2M: T2M's IP cores are available in major fabs and support process geometries as small as 7nm, ensuring compatibility with the latest manufacturing technologies and these IPs can be ported to other foundries and leading-edge process nodes upon request, providing flexibility and scalability for semiconductor developers and designers. With a focus on high performance, low power consumption, and industry standards compliance, T2M's silicon Interface IP Core Portfolio offers versatile and reliable solutions for next-generation electronic devices, please visit our official webpage:on