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Meet T2M at IBC 2023 to explore High Performance, Cost-effective, and Innovative Semiconductor IP Cores for your next generation SoCs!

12 Sep, 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands – September 12, 2023 – T2M IP, a global leader in Semiconductor IP, is thrilled to announce its participation in the 2023 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), September 15th to 18th, at the Amsterdam Rai. IBC promises to be an exciting platform for industry leaders, global media, the entertainment, and technology industry to explore Broadcast's latest advancements and applications in the realm of Broadcasting and Media.
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through digital media, T2M IP remains at the forefront of Semiconductor IP technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. IBC 2023 offers an ideal stage for T2M IP to showcase its groundbreaking Semiconductor IP Cores for the development of next generation Broadcast SoCs.
A Glimpse into T2M IP’s IBC 2023 Showcase:
  1. Broadcast IPs: T2M IP's Semiconductor IP Cores are extracted from high-volume mass production STB SoCs. The Demodulator and Modulator IP Cores support all Broadcast standards including DVB S2X, S2, S, DVB T2, T, DVBC, ATSC, CCM, VCM, ACM DSNG, LDPC, FEC and more.

  2. Interface IPs: T2M IP's Interface Semiconductor IP Cores Controllers & Analog Phy’s facilitate seamless communication and connectivity with support of industry-standard interfaces such as Ethernet, DisplayPort (DP, eDP), HDMI, USB, DDR, PCIe, Memory, MIPI, and Peripheral IP Cores enabling a reliable data transfer and interoperability in diverse electronic systems.

  3. Wireless IPs: T2M IP's RF, Digital & SW Semiconductor IP Cores are revolutionizing the world of wireless connectivity, enabling rapid development of state-of-the-art Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, 5G, LTE with high-performance, low-power wireless SoCs.

  4. Analog IPs: T2M IP's customizable ADC, DAC, PMU, PLL Semiconductor IP Cores, play a critical role in converting real-world signals to digital data and vice versa, with exceptional performance, high-resolution, low-power consumption, to deliver exceptional audio, video, and RF communication experiences.

Wi-Fi 6 And Wi-Fi 6E SoCs
T2M IP's participation in IBC 2023 underscores the pivotal role Semiconductor IP cores play in the broadcasting and media industries. As digital transformation accelerates, embracing Broadcast-driven solutions becomes imperative for staying competitive and relevant. T2M is committed to supplying leadership SW & Semiconductor IP Cores to industry leaders to accelerate this transformative journey.
T2M IP’s team are available to meeting with customers and partners at IBC 2023 to discuss their SoC design requirements and help them achieve their goals by providing leadership Semiconductor IP Cores for their designs and delivering tailored IP solutions that meet the needs of each customer, while also ensuring exceptional quality, reliability, performance, scalability, and customization to meet the specific requirements of each customer and companies of all sizes.

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