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LC3plus Audio Codec Optimized For ARM®, RISC-V, HI-FI & Kalimba™ DSPs For Bluetooth® LE Audio Are Available For Immediate Licensing

08 May, 2023

T2MIP, a leading provider of wireless communication technologies, is proud to announce the availability of our partners LC3plus audio codec highly optimized for ARM®, RISC-V, Cadence® HI-FI & Qualcomm® Kalimba™ DSPs.
The LC3plus audio codec is a highly optimized and highly efficient audio codec introduced for Bluetooth LE Audio, DECT and VoIP that dramatically improves streaming audio quality, reduces power, improves bandwidth and delivers ultra-low latency down to 5ms. The LC3plus audio codec has also received the Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification logo issued by the Japan Audio Society (JAS) for its ability to reproduce 40KHz frequencies when running at 96KHz with 24bit samples:
Our LC3plus and LC3 audio codecs are fixed point production proven implementations supporting all mandatory and optional features, highly optimized for ARM, RISC-V, Cadence HI-FI & Qualcomm Kalimba DSPs and can be ported to other DSPs or CPUs on request.
T2M-IP provides a comprehensive range of Bluetooth IP cores in leading fab/node combinations to enable semiconductor or ASIC companies to develop ultra-low cost, low power SoCs for audio applications from high performance TWS earbuds to ultra long battery life IOT applications. These semiconductor IP blocks include  Bluetooth Dual-mode v5.3 RF Transceiver IP Cores , BLE v5.3 / 15.4  RF Transceiver IP Cores (0.5mm2) , Bluetooth Dualmode v5.3 Controller Link Layer IP, BLE v5.3 Controller Link Layer IP, BLE/15.4 Concurrent Controller Link Layer, Bluetooth Dualmode v5.3 SW Stack & Profiles, BLE v5.3 SW Stack & Profiles, as well as ZigBee MAC & Protocol Stack SW. High-Accuracy Distance Measurement (HADM) is under development and will be available towards the end of the year.
For further information on licensing options, deliverables, and pricing please drop a request..
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