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Automotive Audio Solutions

Description and Features

Audio really does play an important role in the experience of driving a car.  We help audio design process for an amazingly low cost MCU capable of running an 8 channel system for automotive.  An MCU that can function enough as a DSP and connectivity comes for free.  Audio Weaver® is the most advanced platform for audio design used in many high end automotive systems.  It supports the new Atmel automotive grade ARM Cortex-M7. The entrants of MCUs as a possible  option will give traditional DSPs a run for their computing power.

With Audio Weaver® cross-platform ability to quickly prototype a system.  profile a real design on an actual target, and easily A/B different audio algorithms, there is now a sure way of making the complex decision process easier.

Audio Weaver® is currently deployed across more than 40 million devices worldwide and is central to the audio experiences of automotive innovators like Porsche - used it to create the Taycan signature soundTesla, Bugatti, and Volkswagen. In addition, Audio Weaver is embedded in leading automotive audio providers Panasonic, Sony, Alpine, and more.

Audio Weaver® Embedded Processing Platform: Audio Weaver® designs are hardware-independent and OS-agnostic, Scalable designs and multicore support simplify platform management, Open interfaces allow control and tuning via external audio-tools and systems, Automotive Module Pack with vehicle-bus interfaces and support for automotive sound-design.



Complete, Turn-key System Designs

  • Full System Architecture, including specification of hardware, software, & acoustic components
  • Audio Feature List Specification
  • Audio Feature implementation in Audio Weaver®
  • Final Cabin Tuning

Automotive Tuning Tools for Audio Weaver®

  • Audio Measurement Suite (AMS) – get acoustic finger print of the vehicle
  • Audio Tuning Suite (ATS) – computer aided filter design
  • Audio Prototyping Suite (APS) – Make live, in-car adjustments to audio chain in real-time
  • Manual Tuning Suite (MTS) – Mixing Console functionality for “Golden Ear” tuners